Our Story

Over 50 years ago in North Vancouver, we opened one very small restaurant with one very big goal - to serve great food surrounded by good times.

Words From Our Founder

In the words of our founder George Tidball, at The Keg, “the best is guaranteed.”


The Keg n’ Cleaver is founded by George Tidball in North Vancouver, and classics like The Keg Caesar and the Billy Miner Pie join the menu. The Keg becomes known for ‘good times’ and the famous phrase “See You Tonight” is coined.


George Tidball’s run as owner comes to an end, as he sells The Keg to UK-based company Whitbread. The Keg’s first patio opens on Leslie Street in Toronto and the internal staff event ‘Keg Cup’ expands its reach to eastern Canada, marking an annual national tradition. Keg Bread becomes the infamous start of a great night out.


The Keg’s current Chairman, David Aisenstat, acquires The Keg and transforms it into what you know today – accessible, upscale, and consistent dining driven by an internal culture that can only be found at The Keg. The Keg focuses on heightened hospitality and sees the inception of a ‘Keg Classic’ meal.


After more than 30 years of business, The Keg opens their 100th location. Reflecting on its history of giving back to communities across North America, The Keg Spirit Foundation is formed, focusing on charitable giving towards youth and development programs.


The Keg experiences its strongest years as a brand, seeing sales reach all-time highs while being recognized as one of Canada’s top employers for each year of the decade. The brand continues to expand throughout North America.


After half a century of good times at The Keg, they celebrate their 50th Anniversary – cheers to 50 more!

Inspired by the classics

After 50 years of serving great food, we’ve featured many beloved dishes. For our anniversary, we’ve created a special menu inspired by classic Keg flavours.
Including steak favourites like the Pecan Sirloin, seafood fusions like the Salmon Neptune, and introducing delicious desserts like our Mile High Chocolate Cake, get ready to indulge. And of course – a Keg menu is not complete without new cocktail pairings!


The Keg Spirit Foundation logo

Giving Back To Our Communities

The continued growth of our local communities and the people within them have always been a passion for The Keg.
In the spirit of celebration, we will be donating $1 from the sale of every entrée on our 50th Anniversary menu to The Keg Spirit Foundation. Our staff from across the company will be identifying charities focused on youth mentorship who will receive these funds.